Toward the Golden Age

During the period of more than a century ever since the introduction of steamship ,the rapid growth of the Chinese community in Sampheng was proportional to the number of those newly arrived. It eventually saw a new main road, Yaowarat, which soon became the heart of a vast business area as well as Bangkok’s most modern entertainment outlets for the period around 1957. Thus, the name ‘Yaowarat’ came to mean the entire Chinatown of Bangkok.

The thriving business around Yaowarat Road could be principally attributed to two factors: the government’s police of accelerated city development under western influence and the Chinese’capability to adjust to the modern form of economy, namely the free trade scheme, which coincided with the introduction of steamship by western. Chinese merchants were fast getting familiar with the new opportunities opening up as they relied on their intrinsic element called perseverance in order to attain success in operating commercial enterprises starting with rice trade-Thailand’s No.1 export being rice-before diversifying into an array of other business, there by securing strength and solid foundation to the Thai modern economy centered at Yaowarat. Today, Yaowarat is the center of Thailand Gold shops, with over 100 shops reflecting the wealth of the past where the commercial begins.